Goals and Objectives of LMLA

LMLA is a non-profit, non-political organization incorporated to pursue the following main objectives for the benefit of all licensed Money Lenders in Hong Kong who become our members:

1.To unite, protect and further the general interests of licensed money lenders in Hong Kong. To build and promote a positive, just and contributive social and economic figure in the society, and to maintain the integrity and status of the licensed money lenders profession.
2.To foster friendship and co-operation among members of LMLA in Hong Kong and similar associations overseas for the sound and sustainable development of the industry.
3.To provide an effective and convenient channel for communication between the Government, respective institutions and licensed money lenders in Hong Kong.
4.To act as an authoritative, credible, and influential representation and consultative body in dealing with the Government on matters relating to money lending business under the Money Lenders Ordinance or such other legislation in Hong Kong.
5.To create and administer a self-regulatory business environment as much as possible, thereby increasing the professional ethics and status of our members by establishing a code of money lending practice.

Past Endeavours

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December 2002
December 2002
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Jun & Nov 2003
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